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Activities Around Bilut Hills

Bilut Hill offers a total of nine rooms which include KTV lounge, a meeting room, a gaming room, and many more. When BBQ or hotpot highlights both dinner and supper, all necessary materials are carefully prepared. If the durian season is approaching, it will be sure that no choice is better than the ones you will find here at this time. We create a eco grow family vegetable garden for urban visitors, where they can water and fertilize on their own while experiencing the pleasure of the plantation and the harvest. At the same time, they can pick what they want to cook from the garden on a ready-made basis, which is both safe and healthy. Furthermore, we also supply our visitors with some entertainment facilities, through which they can sing songs, play cards, play pool table and dart When it comes to a parent-child holiday camp, outdoor activities are necessities and made available. Nearby We have adventurous ATV off-road vehicles nearby and the archery range where one can practice the field of vision as well as a rabbit feeding activity for small children. All of these, without fail, will bring a pleasant holiday for all.

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