Delicious Food of Bentong

Bentong and Raub are outskirt towns of Pahang, and they are about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. At here, you can find simple but delicious food and also simple but fun tourists attractions, so that you can temporarily slow down your pace, walking into a leisure and natural good place. Many people will only have impression on Bentong Ginger when talking about Bentong, but they do not really know where to find tasty food or where to visit in Bentong. When you visit Bentong, the first recommendation will definitely be the cultural street, as it is very lively here every Saturday night, with food, drinks, fun and shopping awaiting you at this one-stop-entertainment street. Of course, if you would like to experience the culture of Bentong people, the best place to visit is definitely the Bentong Market where most local people gather. In the morning you can eat bean curd puff, pastries, buns, bean curd jelly, Indian pancakes, apam balik, wonton noodles, nasi lemak and so on. Durians are also available here during the durian season. As the Chinese saying goes, you eat food from mountains when you are nearby the mountains and you eat food from the sea when you are nearby the sea. Since Bentong has rich resources of rivers from the mountains, the seafood here is for sure second to none.

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