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  • Star Travel

    When the night comes, that one of the lights illuminate around, usually this time, the group of people who are dragging the exhausted body to rest home, but ignored the night sky is also illuminating the earth. In this we can relax the heart, you [...]

  • Bentong Local Specialty Store in Taiyangcheng

    Bentong Ginger, also known as “Galanga”, has thin skin and spicy taste. It is said to be effective in removing the so-called “coldness of body”, besides having other good functions. The Bentong Ginger skin and Bentong Ginger meat have different nutritional values, and both the [...]

  • Lurah Bilut Museum

    It is known that Malaysia is one of the few countries producing rubber and palm oil, but do you know where and how these crops come from? At Lurah Bilut Museum, you will have chance to learn more about the history and the production of [...]

  • Delicious Food of Bentong

    Bentong and Raub are outskirt towns of Pahang, and they are about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. At here, you can find simple but delicious food and also simple but fun tourists attractions, so that you can temporarily slow down your pace, walking into [...]

  • Welcome Bentong Culture Street

    Bentong is well known as a food paradise, where the Guangxi bean curd, Weinian chicken and Guangxi braised meat definitely cannot be missed! Besides, Bentong wonton noodles, Shu Shi Noodles, rice noodle roll, roasted food, Bentong bean curd, Bentong Sachima, Bentong soy sauce and stingless [...]

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