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Bentong Durian Bilut Hills

A homestay, characterized by its fruits and vegetables, is located at Bentung Durian Bilut Hills. Standing along with the gentle breeze, you can enjoy the nature view of the emerald-green grasslands while breathing faint aroma of the king of the fruit. Also, you can see the view of durians within a stone’s throw distance, besides emerging yourself into the hills and forests, watching the magnificent view of evening twilight, witnessing the breathtaking view of the sunrise, taking a walk down the misty forest, and also gazing at the sky full of stars.

When you need a short escape from the packed daily routine, Bilut Hills is definitely the best choice to relax your mind and soul. During the durian season, there’s no better time and better place than Bentong Durian Bilut Hills. A family vegetable garden is specially built for you to experience watering, fertilizing, planting and harvesting the vegetables with your own hands. We prepare meals with freshly picked vegetables and the meals are truly healthy and nutritious.

Bilut Hills has a total of thirty-three rooms, KTV lounge, a meeting room, and many more. The ingredients for breakfast and barbeque or steamboat for dinner are carefully selected and prepared by our staff. Besides, we also supply entertainment facilities where our visitors can enjoy singing and playing cards, darts or snooker. There are also outdoor activities which are must-try activities for family holiday camps such as challenging adventurous ATV off-road vehicles, archery activities where one can practice his or her eyesight, as well as rabbit feeding for children. We are confident that these activities will bring a pleasant holiday for our visitors. Last but not least, visitors’ great mood is our main concern, and hence, the purpose of our homestay is to create a happy environment for families to get together and we abide by the idea of “the happiest thing during a trip is when everyone has good temper, does not be petty-minded and cherish one another because being together is happy”. We sincerely welcome you to our homestay and the beauty of the nature together with us!


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Bentong Bilut Hills offers a unique blend of refreshing, simple but exquisite luxury rooms.

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A memorable journey begins at Bilut Hills, from calming your mind to relaxing your body.

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